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Spa Sunday!

It’s Spa Sunday at my house ladies and ‘gents! Every week before Monday rears it’s ugly head I like to give my skin a little TLC. This isn’t going to be a lengthy, over complicated post delving into the intricacies of each product I use and their proven or disproven effects.

My normal day to day cleanser is the Shine Control Cleansing Gel by Garnier Skin Active. I always use a Mattifying wash and toner, even in the winter months. Florida is always humid and my skin will always have some degree of shine.

I exfoliate once maximum twice a week with and old but a goody! St. Ives Even & Bright.

After I hop out of the shower I make sure all of my eye makeup is completely gone, so I use the So Totally Clean Micellar Water to clean up any leftovers.

A new skincare product i’ve added to my daily routine is the Dual Phase Mattifying Toner by Instanatural. It’s made from natural ingredients and it actually works.

The DermaRoller is a product I’m testing out as well. I pair that with a collagen mask aftrwards and its supposed to help your skin regenerate new tissue fibers thus givin you plump more supple skin.

Now, if you know me you know I love my sheet masks, tonight i’m doing a collagen mask. I always have a few sheet masks on hand just in case i feel like I need a mid-week skin refresher.

I use Coconut Oil as a hair mask on dry hair, and let it sit on my hair for 30 minutes before i hop in the shower. Its my secret weapon, if you feel like your hair is limp and lack luster use some coconut oil as a hair mask I promise you, you wont be disappointed. The brand I use is Kopari.
I hope you’ve found some of this interesting and maybe a little bit helpful. Do you have Spa Sunday? What’s in your Skin Care routine? Let’s chat!

Until Next Time, Stay Fabulous Beauties!

-XO Lyndsey


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