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Welcome back Beauties it’s time for another #BeautyTipThursday where every other week I’ll be bringing you the latest and greatest in Beaty tips that I pick up along the way. These may not be ground breaking ideas but they may be just what you’ve been looking for to tackle your latest beauty road bump.

This week we are talking about setting sprays, those glorious liquids of every color, shape and size tat promise to “set” “lock-in” and “extend” the wear of our makeup. 

If you hop onto alone and type in “setting spray” there are 171 options that pop up. Granted this search isn’t full proof but it speaks to the volumes of different types: finishes, treatments, matte, hydrating, long lasting, a “refresher” mist, locking, etc etc.

One of the most coveted setting sprays is made by MAC, their illustrious MAC Fix + Spray. Before I begin I want you to know I don’t have anything against MAC or their products, they’ve been making the things runway dreams are made of for decades.

Let’s take a peek at the ingredients in MAC Fix + Spray:

When you look at ingredients in cosmetics and beauty products they list them in order of highest to lowest content (i.e water 100 mL’s, Glycerin 75 mL’s, Butylene Glycol 50 mL’s etc etc)

The first ingredients make up most of the solution: Water, Glycerin, Butylene Glycol. Water is well, water. Glycerin is a humectant that helps seal in moisture, and butylene glycol is a texture enhancer that smooths the skin. The ingredients listed afterwards are minerals, extracts, and caffeine to awaken your skin.

All of these ingredients together helps melt your makeup together, making all of the powders and creams you’ve so carefully placed and painted mesh beautifully. All with one hiccup, that price tag! I love the stuff but every time I sprayed it a little bit of my soul died….Le sigh 

Until I found this! I introduce you to L’Oreal’s HyrdaFresh Toner, the little secret that’s been hiding right in front of our eyes. You see, when it comes to products it all boils down to the ingredients, and that’s where the Pharmacy Technician science geek in me comes out. Let’s take a peek at these ingredients:

The first four main ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Alcohol, Butelyene Glycol. Are there bells going off in your head yet? Of course alcohol isn’t an ideal ingredient to spray on your face, keep in mind this is a toner, but it isn’t over powering or drying. While the ingredients aren’t completely identical they’re pretty darn close! I poured this Toner into a travel size spray bottle and I’ve been using it in place of MAC Fix + spray successfully ever since. 

Let’s compare prices:

For a 3.4 fl oz bottle of MAC Fix + Spray you pay $24.00

For an 8.5 fl oz bottle of L’Oreal Hydrafresh Toner you pay $6.49 on

I’m not saying this is the saving grace for everyone, but it works for me and it’s worth a try! What have you got to lose, $6.50? You spend more than that on lipstick ladies. 

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Beauty Tip Thursday! Let me know what you think, what is your favorite setting spray? Have you found any dupes? Let’s talk makeup!

Until next time…..

Stay Fabulous Beauties!✌🏻

-xo Lyndsey


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