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SolaMetixs First Impressions & Full Review

Welcome Back Beauties! Today we’re talking skincare as I had the opportunity to test and review the new SolaMetixs Anti-Aging & Revitalizing Cream. Their moisturizer combines unique ingredients that help your skin generate its own moisturizing and regenerative properties, along with exotic ingredients from around the world. 

Product Claims:

– Reduces fine lines around the eyes and mouth

– Brighten skin tone

– Helps to diminish dark spots 

– Evens skin tone

– Lightweight oil free moisturization

I tested this product for a solid two weeks before posting my review to give it as much of a fair and honest review possible. I was immediately impressed by the packaging, I love any beauty product with a pump, however this pump twists and locks which makes it perfect for travel. It has a silky, smooth texture and a slight hint of peppermint scent that fades within a minute or so. 


It truly is an oil free moisturizer. I love in Florida, the heat and humidity wreak havoc, on my skin and any hopes of keeping a matte completing usually go right out the window. If you’re in a similar situation, this moisturizer is perfect for you.

– The product is thin and blends and absorbs quickly and evenly into the skin. A little goes a long way.

– The packaging is top notch, it looks and feels like a spa quality product.


– I’m not a huge fan of the peppermint smell, that’s a personal preferance. If you’re interested in the product don’t let that deter you from purchasing it, the scent fades within. Few. Knifes of application.

– That price tag! This 1oz (30 mL) bottle sells for a whopping $119.00. The breakdown: that’s $3.96 per mL (For those that aren’t a science nerd like I am: mL = milliliter)

That’s all I’ve got. I thinks it’s a great product, definitely more pros than cons, however I would purchase this moisturizer solely based off of the price alone. If you’re looking for a luxurious, effective, anti-aging moisturizer to splurge on this is the product for you. 

————–> Clkck to shop:

Have you found any fantastic beauty products lately? What are they? Let’s chat about skincare’

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Stay Fabulous Beauties’

– XO Lyndsey
FTC: Irecekves this product for free in exchanged for my honest, unbiased review. All thoughts, opinions, and content generated are my own.



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