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Hurricane Irma: Preparedness vs Panic

There’s a monster hurricane on “a collision course for Florida” to quote The Washington Post. As this Category 5 storm approaches I felt it was the perfect time to switch the focus of my blog from Pretty to Prepared.

I’ve been a Floridian since I was 6 years old, were not going to do the math here, I’ve been through countless hurricane seasons. Hurricane Andrew hit on my birthday in 1992, and Hurricane Charlie that devastated Charlotte County, to name a few.  When it comes to Hurricane Season preparedness is key, you need a Hurricane Kit. I hope you already have a kit and this post is a mute point. 

I consulted my own in-house expert, my older sister, Wife, Mother of 4, and Middle School Teacher in Hillsborugh County: Amber Pirotta. She always has her hurricane supply ready at the beginning of every season, checked and double checked. Here’s what she has in her kit:

  • 1 gallon of water per person per day

     (Let’s do the math: for a family of 3 for 3 days worth of water: 9 gallons of water minimum)

  • 3 day food supply
  • Small tool kit
  • First Aid Kit
  • 10 Day supply of prescription medication
  • Baby Needs (i.e. Formula, diapers, wipes, bottled water, baby food)
  • Dog Food & Supplies
  • Vaccine Records for your children 
  • Important Identifying Documents
  • Flashlights
  • Batteries

“Keep important documents in a waterproof container,” Amber recommended. ” Also, take a picture of those documents (i.e. Insurance policies, birth certificates, etc) and email them to yourself. That way, if you get separated from your documents you still have them stored digitally.”

Amber also urges people to pay attention to their social media: “Social Media is where a lot of people get their news.” Also, people may have access to social media, or have more up to date localized information that hasn’t made it to the news yet. 

She also suggest that you make a video of the interior and exterior of your home 24-48 hours prior to the storms landfall. This will provide proper documentation to aid in the claims process should your home become damaged during the storm.

If you’re like me and depend on prescription medication, your pharmacy is able to assist you in filling your medication early once your state is under a state of emergency.

Important Links For Readiness:

The Latest On Irma by NOAA

Emergency Management Contacts listed by County

Shelters listed by County

Gov. Rick Scott’s latest News Conference

Florida Evacuates
From one Floridian to another, I urge you to be prepared and not to panic. Panic only causes the anxiety of those around you to rise, Panic doesn’t motivate us or solve any problems. Please only buy the food, water, and gasoline you need for your family. Be kind to your neighbors and those around you, at the end of the day communities are held together by the people that live there not the structures that are built there.

Be safe. Be curteous. Be prepared.

Stay Fabulous Beauties

-XO Lyndsey


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