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Hurricane Tips: How To Conserve Your Smartphone Battery

Loss of life and property damage are arguably the worst by products of natural disasters like Hurricane Irma, that recently rocked my hometown in Lee County Florida. The lasting effects of a hurricane can be quite extensive and inconvenient; Loss of power in homes and business is at the top of that list. 

Irma knocked out power here in the sunshine state and some residents will be without power in their homes for up to two weeks. Could you imagine? The heat and humidity here is brutual, add on the stress from recovering from a major storm and shortage of assistance and supplies. DONT EVEN, it’s awful.

In the absence of power, even outlets in buildings open to the public are scarce. If you find yourself without power, low battery due to travel, or generally need to conserve your cellphone battery here are some of my tips and tricks to conserve your battery on your smart phone.

 Turn off notification alerts for your apps 

Your notification alerts drain your battery. At the very least make sure you turn off your badge notifications off. Turn these off individually for each app.

Force close an app as soon as you’re done using it.

Leaving multiple apps open on your phone literally serves no other purpose than to drain your battery. By leaving those apps open when not in use it will track location and continue to update in the backround. If you have an iPhone hit your home button twice, swipe your apps up and it will force close the app.

Lock your phone as soon as you’re finished using it.  When you’re done with your phone lock it. It will turn the background lights off and secure your phone to conserve power.

Dim the light on your phone to the lowest setting that you’re comfortable reading at.

Be cognizant of what you’re doing and avoid “getting lost” on social media. Focus on why you’re using your phone, then put it down. Save the battery.

Turn off the ability to “find location” in the background.”

You’ll find this option under your “privacy” settings in your phone. You’ll need to turn this off individually for each app. You’ll also be shocked at how many apps are constantly searching and updating your location.

Turn off automatic updates 

 Turn off Bluetooth, wifi, and GPS. Your phone will continually search for a signal for these devices to see if they’re in range, If you don’t have the ability to use these features they only drain your battery.

Some additional helpful sites for reference:

PC Mag
Tech Advisor
I hope you found these tips and tricks helpful! If you live in Florida and you were in Irmas path I hope you’re safe. Please be kind and help your neighbors.

If you have any smartphone hacks I would love to hear then! 

Stay Fabulous Beauties 

XO Lyndsey 


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