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August Favorites

Hello! It’s been a minute since I’ve updated my blog, today we’re dishing August Favorites. These aren’t all new products, some are simply new to me. I would love to chat with you about these products. Have you used them? Like or dislike, why? Let’s talk Beauty! August for me was all about a perfectly… Continue reading August Favorites

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Ashes in our skincare?

I know you’ve asked yourself this question before: “what exactly IS Charcoal?” Why is it in our skincare? I was curious so I did a little Google research, I really pulled out all the stops on this one, Barbara Walters I’m coming for you. If you’re curious too, keep reading. Charcoal (n) (char-kol): a porous… Continue reading Ashes in our skincare?

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Is Shake & Shot The Real Deal?

I’ve had some time to play around with Dr. Jart’s newest masking technology: Shake & Shot. You may have seen photos of them floating around social media, they come in what looks like a plastic drinking cup with a straw. I received these masks as PR from the brand, which is super amazing and such… Continue reading Is Shake & Shot The Real Deal?

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Press on nails, instant style. 

If you keep up with the latest trends on, well anything you’ll notice that the same fads tend to cycle back 10 years later only with sharper corners and deeper colors. This holds true for press on nails, you know the nails with the little adhesive pull tabs you used to wear in elementary/middle school… Continue reading Press on nails, instant style. 

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Hurricane Irma: Preparedness vs Panic

There’s a monster hurricane on “a collision course for Florida” to quote The Washington Post. As this Category 5 storm approaches I felt it was the perfect time to switch the focus of my blog from Pretty to Prepared. I’ve been a Floridian since I was 6 years old, were not going to do the… Continue reading Hurricane Irma: Preparedness vs Panic